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Regulatory Writer Acceleration Residency (RWA Residency) is a unique opportunity for those interested in becoming a regulatory writer. 向在监管写作的各个学科拥有经证实的成功记录的团队学习。We invite you to join us as we continue to develop the next generation of regulatory writers.

在实习期间,同事们将开始为期两年的课程,该课程将教授领导监管写作项目所需的技能,同时提供更多浏览支持药物开发的文件的机会。作为一个服务组织,Certara Synchrogenix 的计划提供了在就业的最初一年内培养直接与申办者合作所需的技能的机会。我们的服务涵盖临床、非临床和药物警戒学科。


Certara Synchrogenix has been a leader in regulatory writing for over 30 years, and we are investing in the next generation of regulatory writers!

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How to Apply

Please check back for updates related to our January 2023 application process. Recruitment requirements include a writing sample, a one hour writing exercise, a job matching survey, and team interviews.

How to Apply
Meet our RWAR Colleagues

Meet our RWAR Colleagues

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