BPS Article: 模型引导的药物再利用:新型病原体准备、反应和回顾的定量药理学方法


During a pandemic caused by a novel pathogen (NP), drug repurposing offers the potential of a rapid treatment response via a repurposed drug (RD) while more targeted treatments are developed. Five steps of model‐informed drug repurposing (MIDR) are discussed: i) utilize RD product label and in vitro NP data to determine initial proof of potential, ii) optimize potential posology…

Author(s): Michael Dodds, Yuan Xiong, Samer Mouksassi, Carl Kirkpatrick, Katrina Hui, Eileen Doyle, Kashyap Patel, Eugène Cox, David Wesche, Fran Brown, Craig R. Rayner

Year: 2021 年 2 月 3 日

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