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组织和管理药理模型可能是一个效率低下且耗时的过程。Pirana’s modeling workbench tools provide modelers with structure to facilitate the iterative processes used to create population PK/PD models and perform simulations resulting in better organization and more efficient analysis of population PK/PD results.

Pirana 建模工作平台包括:

  • 模型模板和向导
  • 拟合优度图库 (R)
  • 模型转化工具
  • 内置对版本控制和 audit trails 的支持
  • 无缝访问开源工具,以与群体 PK/PD 建模工具进行交互,以进行 VPC、协变量建模和引导

Pirana 与 R speaks NLME、NONMEM、R、Perl Speaks NONMEM (PSN) 和 Monolix 配合使用。

Now availableand accessible through Pirana Certara’s R Speaks NLME (RsNLME) is a collection of R packages and companion RShiny apps that allow scientists to run models using the Certara NLME engine directly from the R command line. RsNLME is accessible through Pirana. To learn more, click here.

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