A Collection of Key Disruptive Trends That Shape U.S. Market Access

Certara has published a new series of whitepapers titled, “Disruptive Trends in U.S. Market Access 2020 – 2023” based on research with leading U.S. managed care stakeholders, representing a total of nearly 200 million U.S. lives. Findings from the white papers have been accepted for poster presentation at the Academy of Managed Care Pharmacy (AMCP) Nexus 2020 Virtual meeting. This poster was awarded the prestigious gold ribbon by AMCP.

Explore the topics and download the papers today!

Certara Webinar The Scary Future of Rare Disease Management Featured

The Scary Future of Rare Disease Management

In a world of rising healthcare costs, the greatest nightmare for payers is reimbursing drug interventions that do not meaningfully benefit their covered lives. Rare disease therapies, often viewed as attractive areas for pharmaceutical & biotech manufacturers, represent some of the most expensive interventions available today given inherently limited competition. Yet, as more manufacturers enter these spaces, the question for payers is how to ensure they are paying for the right therapy to allow rare disease patients to live fulfilling, healthy lives. How will payers tackle scary questions surrounding the cost of rare disease treatments? What is the impact of increasing competition in these spaces? What does this mean for manufacturers already playing in this space?


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