Establish value of your health care innovation

An exponential rate of innovation, increased competition, and the growth of cost containment pressures create a greater need to comprehensively establish the value of health care interventions.

Certara’s integrated approach allows global market access teams to optimize product value, positioning, and evidence synthesis across all stages of the reimbursement journey. Our combination of strong science as well as empathy with public health decision-makers’ challenges is the key to effective market access and the central philosophy of the Certara Value & Access consultants.

Assessing and optimizing therapeutic value are central to all our activities. Through our work with regulatory agencies, HTA organizations, payers, biopharma, med-tech and investment funds, we have developed an array of methods to assess the value of health interventions. This enables us to address the variety of situations and points of view faced by stakeholders of the healthcare systems.

Unparalleled track record of impactful submissions

Our approach to dossiers and reimbursement submissions is aligned with EUNetHTA Guidelines, and we ensure the validity of our methods by regularly engaging vetted panels of payers, former payers and payer influencers.

CORE HTA Methodology, our approach to dossiers, assembles, within a single document, all of the materials needed for developing local submissions

Global Value Dossier (GVD) is a single source compendium of information developed and gathered over the life cycle.

We use a structured approach to evaluate, synthesize, and translate evidence into a compelling value dossier underpinned by industry HTA standards and in-house methodologies derived from multi-criteria decision analysis.

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Unparalleled track record of impactful submissions
Reduce uncertainty with pricing and reimbursement (P&R) research
Reduce uncertainty with pricing and reimbursement (P&R) research

You need a transparent way of assessing and weighing risks of non-reimbursement while maximizing earnings to bolster negotiations and maintain or garner reimbursement. Our price models guide the choice of the optimal price/population/funding conditions, reducing uncertainty and narrowing the range of options.

  • Evaluate target product profiles from a P&R perspective
  • Identify cost-containment measures which may impact pricing and reimbursement
  • Determine price elasticity and establish the price response and profit functions to identify the optimal price
  • Assess and validate your portfolio with respect to early stage planning and P&R implications
  • Understand prescribing decision-making based on behavioral responses
Dependable systematic reviews and analyses

Certara gathers, summarizes and shapes unique insights through systematic data reviews and meta-analyses as well as targeted literature reviews to strengthen your evidence-based messages. Our unbiased reviews are reliable sources for your decision-making.

  • Design and implementation of systematic literature reviews
  • Standard and advanced meta-analyses
  • Mixed and indirect treatment comparisons
  • Meta-regressions and Bayesian meta-analyses

We offers a full range of evidence synthesis capabilities by matching the literature review approach and data synthesis method to your specific needs.

Dependable systematic reviews and analyses
Market Access Radar - Your Market Access Repository
Market Access Radar - Your Market Access Repository

Market Access Radar (MAR) was created to provide you with quick and easy access to the most important market access related information. Market Access Radar is made up of 600 validated sources, more than 37,000 records and 2,200 report editions. It delivers news on reimbursement, new marketing authorizations, variations in registered and reimbursed indications published by EMA, HMA, FDA, MHRA, Ministries of Health, HTA Agencies and other national institutions responsible for registration and safety of drugs and other valuable information which may impact reimbursement, published in mass-media and relevant press.

Elvira Muller
Elvira Müller, PhD VP HTA and Evidence Development

Elvira is an expert in HTA engagements with substantial experience in health technology assessment, reimbursement strategy and early dialogues, both national and multi-HTA via the EUnetHTA collaboration.

Maximilian Vargas
Maximilian Vargas Sr. Director, US Access Strategy

Maximilian Vargas, PhD MBA, is a Senior Director, US Access Strategy and Account Management within Certara’s Evidence and Access Group since 2012. He brings both scientific training and experience in healthcare product development that are important for evidence-based value and access strategies for pipeline and marketed products.

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