Our simple but impactful HEOR framework supports developers’ preparation for HTA and payer appraisals. 它可系统地解决决策者提出的关键问题。Our clients leverage this framework to inform early drug positioning as well as in preparing market access strategy.

One of our strengths is incorporating multiple pharmacoeconomic perspectives: US managed care organizations, EU payers’, and emerging market countries’ perspectives.

Our work demonstrates the benefit that products and health technologies provide to patients, by applying patient and population-based research. We’ve successfully conducted hundreds of pharmacoeconomic research projects across various disease areas for 20+ years. Our outcomes research services include:

  • Burden of disease studies
  • Surveys & health services research
  • Qualitative research
  • Patient-reported outcomes (PROs) development, adaptation and validation
  • Utility and preferences assessment
Studies trusted by leading innovators

Burden of Disease Studies: Certara has in-depth experience in conducting burden of disease studies, both from a patient- and a population- perspective. We combine physician and patient surveys to quantify the burden of illness associated with a disease, including estimations of incidence and prevalence, morbidity and mortality outcomes, patient quality of life and also associated economic aspects.

Health Services Research: Targeting drugs to patients’ and physicians’ needs, as well as to public health systems, requires understanding treatment pathways, patterns of drug use, and health services utilization. We conduct health services research to inform these decisions, through patient surveys, physician surveys and chart reviews.

Studies trusted by leading innovators
Reliable qualitative research
Reliable qualitative research

We also use qualitative research methods like focus groups, Delphi panels and semi-structured interviews in addition to surveys to:

  • Appreciate the unmet/uncovered needs of patients
  • Define the most important needs
  • Determine the best market access roads
  • Understand commonalities and differences between groups

We use CAQDAS programs (“Computer Assisted Qualitative Data Analysis Systems”) to improve the storage, organization, analysis and presentation of qualitative data.

Patient-reported outcomes research

Formulating a PRO strategy is critical to the development of a product’s value proposition. The added benefit of PROs to the product development strategy is rooted in high quality scales that can address the target audience’s constructs of interest.

  • Development and validation of specific quality of life (QoL) questionnaires
  • Incorporating QoL in pragmatic trials and observational studies
  • Questionnaires based on item response theory
  • Patient satisfaction with medication & patient preferences
Patient-reported outcomes research
Roman Casciano
Roman Casciano SVP Evidence & Access

Roman Casciano is Senior Vice President within Certara’s Evidence and Access Group. As an applied health economist and market access strategist, Roman has personally led hundreds of engagements in the international market access, HEOR and real world evidence context related to product value demonstration and has deep experience in both formal and informal exchanges with payers and HTA bodies.

Lee Stern
Lee Stern, MSc Vice President, Business Development

Lee is responsible for all health economic and market access engagements for global clients. She also oversees the full operations of the New York office. Lee is a strategic and actionable leader managing highly qualified and scientifically robust cross-functional and geographically disparate teams.

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