The discovery team eventually selected D360 as its new discovery data environment. In addition to supporting the team’s existing data sources and analysis tools, D360 provided a user-friendly interface for fast queries, analyses, and one-click reporting based on the latest data – across data sources. This meant scientists now had direct access to the data. Using D360, Medivir scientists also could now perform analyses with much less effort than before. For example, using built in chemistry intelligence for better understanding structure-activity relationships (SAR).

Within six weeks, Certara deployment specialists had installed, configured, and trained the discovery team on the use of D360. In a staggered roll out D360 was first deployed to 10 users, who rigorously tested the data handling capabilities and use-cases of the platform, and then rolled out to the rest of the team. The system connected team members across disciplines to all appropriate databases and enabled seamless data delivery to their preferred analysis tools without the need for manual manipulations.

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“Data fields are available now that we couldn’t see or touch before! Presentations and reporting are 1-click away instead of building a table from scratch in [Microsoft®] PowerPoint®. Plotting is available with 1-click access—no more export and manipulation to get this!”

– a member of the selection committee
  • Time Savings: On-demand access to current, analysis- and report-ready data views accelerated data manipulation and opened new avenues of scientific exploration.
  • Streamlined Workflow: An easy-to-use environment seamlessly connected data queries, analysis, and reporting.
  • Flexibility & Collaboration: Teams could explore new ideas as they occurred by following a trail of evidence through multiple data sources, and easily share results with colleagues.
  • Better Decision-Making: Bring together biological assay, drug metabolism, and PK data for a holistic view of a compound and easily combine data to make first-in-man dosing predictions.

Fast return on investment in the form of time-savings for scientific and IT staff, as well as accelerated decision-making. Analyses that once required hours was done in just a few minutes and saved results could be updated with new data almost instantly. Further, D360 freed IT resources from the burden of developing and maintaining in-house tools. And ultimately, direct access to the latest data ensured research decisions were informed by the most recent and complete information.

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D360™ 是行业领先的科学数据信息学平台,在全球范围内为 6,000 多名小分子和生物制剂发现与临床前安全领域的发现研究科学家所使用。它提供自助服务数据访问以及一体化的分析和可视化解决方案。结果如何?将您的研发专业知识专注于数据理解,而不是组装各种来源的数据涉及的耗时任务。To learn more, visit


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