Like most non-enterprise and agile biopharmaceutical companies, Arvinas does not have a large IT team and does not desire heavy IT infrastructure. To meet the ever growing demand of simplifying deployment and maintenance of solutions, D360 was implemented and hosted in the cloud. They have increased the number of data sources and complexity of data, which are now seamlessly integrated with D360 providing complete transparency to their end users. They currently have approximately 70 scientists using D360, running over 700 distinct D360 queries.

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We need to be able to query, pivot and dive deep into our drug discovery data, and D360 is the best platform we have found for that. Compared to our previous research informatics solution, D360 is saving us hundreds of hours annually on data analysis. That is an important contribution to our research. The Certara team is tenacious and resourceful. They always find a solution. That’s what has made our relationship so successful.

Dr. Keith Hornberger Director of Chemistry Arvinas

Arvinas is the pioneer and clinical-stage leader in the exciting, new area of targeted protein degradation. Its proprietary PROTAC® (proteolysis-targeting chimera) protein degraders are chimeric, modular small molecules, which harness the body’s natural protein disposal system, the ubiquitin‐proteasome system, to induce the degradation of disease‐causing proteins. Arvinas’ current drug discovery focus areas include metastatic prostate cancer, locally-advanced or metastatic breast cancer, and neurodegenerative diseases.

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About D360
D360™ 是行业领先的科学数据信息学平台,在全球范围内为 6,000 多名小分子和生物制剂发现与临床前安全领域的发现研究科学家所使用。它提供自助服务数据访问以及一体化的分析和可视化解决方案。To learn more, visit



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